MARK IS THE #1 TOP BAGPIPER WITH THE MOST BOOKINGS, NATIONWIDE, ON GIGMASTERS, FOR 2014, 2015, 2016 AND HAS A TREMENDOUS LEAD IN 2017. YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE IN GOOD HANDS! While others might bury bad reviews where they were late, didn't show up at all, had very poor communication with clients or did not do what the client wanted, Mark shows everything and has absolutely nothing to hide! Mark suggests that clients read all of the reviews of vendors to get the whole picture of what they have done for clients.

Mark is also a designated piper for the GARDEN OF INNOCENCE, a non-profit organization that provides burials for abandoned children. Mark donates his time and talent as he feels very strongly about this cause!

If you want your booking fee paid for and also get the Top Bagpiper on Gigmasters nationwide, you have come to the right place!!!!!!! Mark always pays your booking fee so you don't have to! Mark is always ready to negotiate price too! Mark charges one price for each gig and in most cases, not by the hour or how many tunes he plays.

Mark holds the lead in total 5 star bookings and also holds the lead for the most bookings in 2014-2017. Main reasons for this, Mark is very good at what he does and clients like what they see and hear.

Mark Little possesses a lifetime of experience, performing and playing only the Bagpipes. He has played the Bagpipes for 45 years. Past Pipe Majors have called Mark a very solid piper. Mark is currently the Pipe Major for the FRESNO STAG AND THISTLE PIPES AND DRUMS. Mark is the most successful of any previous Pipe Majors of the Fresno Stag and Thistle Pipes and Drums, has been Pipe Major more times than any previous Pipe Majors, and has held the position longer than any previous Pipe Majors.

Choosing the best piper for your event is very easy. Do not book the first piper that calls you. Listen to the recordings of the pipers on Gigmasters and compare before you decide. You can also look at the reviews from satisfied customers. The more 5 star reviews the piper has will give you confidence that you have made the right decision. The quality of words that clients write about the performer are a true reflection of that performer......Check out what clients have said about Mark Little. Not one negative comment in 294 bookings. Pretty cool stuff!!!!

Mark started playing the bagpipes at age 16 when he joined the MCLANE PIPERS AND DANCERS under the direction of Larry Huck, the man that started the group in the mid 1960's. Mr. Huck is the only band director at Mclane to truly retire from the position of Mclane Band Director. Many band directors have come and gone from Mclane and none of them, as of yet, have been able to fill Mr. Huck's shoes. He was a true mentor to Mark. No other band director ever came close to keeping the integrity and professionalism of the Mclane Pipers and Dancers as Mr. Huck did. Mark was Pipe Major of the MCLANE PIPERS AND DANCERS his Senior year as were his sister and brother when they attended Mclane.

Mark plays a 1963 full sterling silver set of bagpipes made by R.G. Hardie with a chanter by David Chesney, used by top bands all over the world! A perfect look and sound for a wedding, funeral, or party!

Mark also has a set of Walsh Shuttle Pipes (small pipes) for a more intimate setting. The Walsh Shuttle pipes have a better, bolder, and much prettier sound than other small Pipes. In the National Parks there are decibel restrictions in most areas except for hotels and churches, such as the chapel in Yosemite. Only small pipes are allowed in restricted sreas.The Great Highland Bagpipe has one volume, which is very loud, and might not be appropriate for some gigs.

Mark Little has played for many, many, weddings, parties, and funerals over the years and will be more than happy to audition for you before being hired. Mark is well known and recommended by all of the Funeral Homes in the San Joaquin Valley and any of them can be contacted for reference. Mark has played for the Fresno Police Department, CDF Fire Honor Guard, Armed Services Honor Guard, National Cemetery at Santa Nella California, and many Weddings in Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.....JUST TO NAME A FEW. Mark has played with the St. Andrews Pipe Band of Modesto, Clan Campbell Pipe Band of Modesto, and now the Fresno Stag and Thistle Pipes and Drums. Mark is a stickler for making sure your event is perfect. VERY REASONABLE RATES!!!!!!!!!!


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